2 straight time 30 minute periods. If game is tied at end of regulation, NHL format 3 shooter shootout to decide winner.

Each team is responsible for paying 1 ref. $50.00 is the Ref Wage.


If 1 ref shows up:  team in charge of refs owes each team playing $25

If no ref shows up: team in charge of refs owes team playing $75 each (Waste of Icetime)

Cancel game less than seven days prior to game: Cancelling teams owes opposing team $75 plus $50 to each ref total of $ 175.00

The cancelling team is responsible for rescheduling the game


Face offs to start power play happen in offensive ends for team on PP

Refs are encouraged to call unsportsmanlike Penalties for guys being a abusive or excessive chirping of officials

All 5 min majors like check from behind or intent to injure are called at refs discretion, please contact me after the game when one of these happens to track repeat offenders

Fight suspension rules:

1st fight – done for that game only

2nd fight – done for game plus 3 game Suspension

3rd fight – done for game and done for year and tournament

Instigator of fight or 3rd man in is 2 game suspension


3 penalties in one game – done for that game only

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